Tanzanite Earrings, Wire Wrapped in Solid Bronze
$38.00 AUD

Tanzanite Earrings, Wire Wrapped in Solid Bronze

Tanzanite is a beautiful gemstone. It was discovered in Tanzania back in 1967 which means it's a relatively new gemstone.

Most tanzanite is very expensive, faceted and set in gold. Tanzanite in bead form is not very common and usually snapped up quickly.

The drops I have used for these earrings have a beautiful color. They measure around 9mm in length.

Made to order earrings, natural gemstones will vary a bit in colour, shape and size.

I have wire wrapped the drops with solid bronze wire and attached to hand made solid bronze ear wires.

The ear wires are wire wrapped with thin wire, adding a small tanzanite rondelle. The earrings were then tumble polished and sealed with a special jewelry lacquer to preserve the shine and prevent premature tarnish. They will come with clear rubber stoppers to prevent loss.

Total length of the earrings is 2.5cm or 1 inch, they are not large earrings.