$25.00 AUD

Iolite Earrings, wire wrapped with rose gold coloured wire


Iolite is a gorgeous gemstone. It has pronounced pleochroism which means that it can appear in three different color shades. Depending on the light, it can appear violet blue, yellow grey and light blue.

 Iolite is sometimes called 'Water Sapphire' due to the similarity in color. A lot of the Sapphire you can find in bead form is completely opaque though whereas these beautiful Iolite gemstones are translucent.

 As with just about all Iolite, these have internal inclusions. With the avalanche of synthetic/mystic/glass gemstones these days, isn't it just so refreshing to see natural gemstones?!

 The gemstones measure 10mm in length.

 I have wire wrapped them in rose gold Para Wire which is an anti tarnish permanently coated wire that works very well color wise.

 Total length of these earrings is 3cm or 1 1/4 inch and they will come with clear rubber stoppers to prevent loss.